Church covid19 updates

As of: 11/04/2020 5:22 pm PDT



  Idaho returning to Phase 2 restrictions.


*Masks will be required for in-person church services. We have masks available if you do not have one.

As the Idaho Governor has returned Idaho to stage 2 of Covid restrictions we want to remind you all that Masks are required and we will be maintaining our social distancing. We are doing this so we can remain open and worship together.


    • Potlucks and social gatherings will remain closed.
    • Water dispensers will be temporarily disabled to reduce the likelihood of infection.
    • Doors and pews will be disinfected after every worship service. 


Use extra care if you fall into these high risk groups


These high-risk groups include: 

  • Any individual who is immuno-compromised

  • Any individuals aged 60+ who have underlying medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease

  • Any individuals age 80+ in any health condition.



Please check back for updates.